Dr Harry Marget



Dental Practice Consulting

After more than 53 years in private dental practice, I am now available to pass on the benefits of my experience. Specifically, the areas of dental practice management and dental treatment mentorship these areas that I would like, certainly to hand over what I have learned in these years to younger practitioners.
In particular practice management advice, I have owned and operated a large dental practice in the southeast and suburbs of Melbourne for over 45 years during that time, I also opened up and successfully managed for other dental practices, including three startup practices in the city of Melbourne in the bottom, and then Collin Street in an area where most people said it could not be done .
And there is times I have been educated for various Allina systems and also taught successfully for use of fixed and removable orthodontic appliances for various companies. I have a mini mini years.
During that time, I also introduced innovations into dental practice, such as the use of Jenilyn and seizure and intervenous sedation , and during that same time, educated mentored, young dentist and how to set up start up and manage dental practices all over Australia. I have also been very slow employed by government agencies as a locum in aboriginal health service, public health service and hospital health service for further information. Please contact me at the email below or ring me on 0412322253.
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